Thursday, December 1, 2016

EKAW2016 Travel Report

From 19-24, November, I attended 20th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management at Bologna, Italy. It's a biannual conference on Knowledge Engineering along with the K-CAP conference.

There were around 150 participants from worldwide. Regarding submissions, there were 226 abstracts which resulted in 171 final submissions in total. 539 reviews were submitted for those papers and 42 out of 142 research papers have been accepted. Based on further quality assessment, the organizers also divided 42 papers into long presentations (17.3%) and short presentations for presentations during the conference.


The first keynote was given by Chris Welty from Google research. He talked about how current AI systems are losing information with one label ground truth for training themselves (e.g, a song might be in different genres or not in the options you provided for getting ground truth data with a survey). He pointed out current simplified world for AI, which consists of black and white, while the reality is much complex. To achieve better ground truth labeling, he also introduced solutions such as using the wise crowd with diversity-enabled labeling for training AI systems.

The second keynote was given by Francesca Rossi from IBM research. She talked about AI has the capabilities to make sense of the huge volume of data (text, images, videos, etc.) that surrounds us in our everyday private and professional life, and to transform it into knowledge to be exploited to make better and more informed decisions that could help solving global societal problems such as those in healthcare, transportation, and climate. To achieve these goals, and in order to fully exploit the potential of AI, we need to build intelligent machines that behave ethically and create symbiotic partnerships with humans. So rather than considering/making AI for Decision Making Systems, we need to consider/make it as Decision Support Systems.

The conference sessions are very diverse, from data management to NLP as well as Entity Recognition, Crowdsourcing, ontology related topics etc.

My presentation:

I presented a User Modeling work considering different dimensions studied in the literature for investigating their synergetic effect on User Modeling.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

CIKM2016 Travel Report

I attended CIKM2016, Indianapolis, USA from 23-28th October. This is the first time I attended a IR conference. It has several hundreds of attendees and it was surprising to see so many Chinese attendees from China and USA.

The conference has almost 1000 submissions (so huge number of submissions...), and both full and short tracks have around 23% acceptance rate.

The word cloud reflects hot keywords in the accepted papers, which includes deep learning and search etc.


There were three keynote speakers from big companies such as MS, Google.

1. Toward Data-Driven Education
Rakesh Agrawal (Data Insights Laboratories)

2. Personalized Search: Potential and Pitfalls
Susan Dumais (Microsoft Research)

3. A Personal Perspective and Retrospective on Web Search Technology
Andrei Broder (Google Research)

The second keynote was interesting for me as the keynote speaker talked about personalization in the context of search, and mentioned the User Modeling(UM) aspect. 

Susan talked two types of UM (or user profiles), one is local profile which can be stored in PC, and the other one is cloud profile. The local profile is good considering user privacy as the profile is in the local PC for personalization, i.e., the ranking results will be personalized based on the local profile of a user. However, it suffers from in efficiency, e.g., due to the lack of portability, it will be hard to reuse it if the user changes the working environment  (e.g., change PC). Personal score was carried out by content matching as well as features based on interaction history. 

She also talked about evaluation of personalization alternatives, offline and online ones. As we can expect, the former one is safe to exploit many different alternatives. On the other hand, the later one (e.g., A/B testing) has more accurate evaluation, and with some challenges. Explicit feedback from users (e.g., asking users about the personalization is good or not) can be a good indicator, however, it also might change the user search behavior. On the other hand, implicit feedback could be noisy.

Another interesting point is personalization can also provide interesting items (serendipity)...


There were eight tutorials and I chose the tutorial: "Data-Driven Behavioral Analytics: Observations, Representations and Models", which was given by Dr. Meng Jiang and Dr. Jiawei Han

The tutorial is about human behavior analytics, which is one of the six disruptive research areas defined by Department of Defense. They introduced many models incorporating different factors of social network information into traditional #RecSys approaches such as Matrix Factorization (MF). 


I also attended #RecSys session. As this conference is about IR, there were many models introduced by different problems, and MF seems like the dominated one. Surprisingly, none of the first authors came to present those papers. 

Maybe due to the venue?, there were many people didn't come either for presenting or taking CIKM cup awards...:). It was a good experience to attend the first IR conference for me, and the next CIKM(2017) will be at Singapore.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

영재교육 창의력의 중요성

벨기에 왕립학교 창의력 영재교육

디자인숙제에 유행하는 아이템을 조합해서 해간 숙제를 버린 선생님, 
대신 자신의 영감대로 끄적여온 학생의 디자인 및 설명에 대해서는 칭찬해준다...

김지석의 형님이 문제적 남자에 나왔을때 캠브릿지 입학시험 1등하고도 불합격을 받는 이유: You are not the kind of genious we are looking for...

세상에는 답이 없는 일들이 훨씬 많다. 

자신의 답을 제시하고 자신만의 이유를 말할 줄 아는 영재를 키우는게 더욱 맞는 초점이 아닐까 싶다.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

더블린 호텔 - O'Callaghan Alexander Hotel

더블린 호텔 가격이 너무 비싸다... 그나마 좀 저렴한 호텔이어서 예약했는데 호텔방은 생각보다 많이 크다 유럽의 메인도시 치고는...

오래된 호텔/건물이어서 전체적으로 낡은 느낌이다... 조식은 의외로 만족할 정도였음...

더블린 맛집 - Red Torch Ginger

TripAdvisor에서 태국음식점으로는 #1이여서 방문한 Red Torch Ginger...

Early bird menu (23유로): 스타터 + 메인요리 + 티/커피

메인으로는 팟타이를 먹었는데 기대를 너무 했는지 가격대비 평범한 맛이었다...

아일랜드 조식

5.5유로 미니조식: 빵 + 푸딩 + 소시지 + 후라이 + 티/커피

더블린 맛집 태국음식 팟타이

해란강 한일음식점 찾아갓는데 오전영업전이여서 12:00 옆에 있는 태국음식점으로 고고...

편하게 먹고 가는 작은 음식점에 외국인이 하는 팟타이 (가격 9유로), 비싸지 않고 그럭저럭 자나가다 먹을만한 느낌...

Sunday, October 2, 2016

독일 라이프치히 (Leipzig) 여행, 맛집

라이프치히 공항에서 나와서 기차타러 갈때 한 컷

 도시중심에 motel-one이라는 호텔에 머물럿는데 도시가 작아서 호텔은 다 위치상 비슷한 것 같다. 조식은 각종 소시지, 빵, 과일, 삶은 계란 등 푸짐하게 나와서 좋음.

첫번째 맛집: Zill's Tunnel #20 TripAdvisor

죽과 슈바인스학세를 시킬려고 했는데 없다고 해서 굽지 않은 삶은? 돼지족발을 시켯다. 분명히 독일 음식점인데 전통음식이라고 네이버에 나오는 슈바인스학세는 왜 없을까...

고기메뉴와 동반하는 겨자소스 및 야채가 같이 나오는데 느끼한 맛을 잡아주게 같이 먹게끔 피클처럼 짭잘하면서도 조합이 좋았음.

Leipzig University

AKSW그룹이 있는 Semantic Web분야에서는 이름있는 그룹

거리 풍경들 


교회 안에 특이한 기둥들

교회밖에 또 하나의 같은 모양의 기둥이 있는데 교회에서 기도한 것들이 밖에서 실제로 이루어진다는 의미를 갖고 있다고 한다.

교회옆의 두번째 맛집

고기메뉴에 항상 따라나오는 야채때문에 느끼하지 않고 맛있게 먹을 수 있음

아울렛 - Passage

세개의 건물이 붙어있는 듯한 디자인

세번째 맛집: Cafe Madrid

너무 고기메뉴만 먹은 것 같아서 마지막 날에는 해산물 튀김으로 ... 이탈리아에서 먹었던 해산물 튀김과 버금가는 맛!

Leipzig 야경